24-hour Life as an Alipay Foreign User

John is an American expat and has been living in China for one year. He speaks English and French, and his Chinese is beginner level.

He could spend one full day without bringing his wallet! This is how…

8 am: Getting Started

John doesn’t have an Alipay account yet, but heard that the APP is available in English.

He starts by downloading “Alipay” / “Zhifubao” from his APP store on his phone.  Once the app is downloaded, he could create his account in less than one minute.

He links his Bank of China debit card directly with his Alipay account, and he is ready to use the app.

9 am: Lucky!

He goes to his favorite convenient store Family Mart to buy his breakfast. After opening his Alipay APP and clicking on “PAY”, the vendor scans his QR code and the bill is paid!

Luckily, it’s the 28th of the month and it’s Alipay Day! While paying his breakfast, he wins a RMB 10 coupon to use on Taobao Movies, a popular movie ticket feature in the wallet.

On Alipay Day, when shoppers pay with Alipay at convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets and vending machines all over China, they have the chance to win a coupon, which would be valid for one month.

10 am: Taobao Addict

One of the reasons that John wants to open an Alipay account is to shop on Taobao.com. Now, his dream comes true!

12 pm: Lunch time!

John tries Koubei Delivery (Waimai) to order his Big Mac. Although he doesn’t read a word of Chinese, he could order and pay with his smart wallet without any help!

1 pm: 007

James Bond 007 is back to the theaters.

Perfect time to buy a movie ticket!  On Alipay – Taobao Movies, 007 is available for only 18.8 RMB, but guess what, John buys it for 8.8 RMB because of the 10 RMB coupon he won in the morning!

2 pm: Let’s go!

Bill, John’s best friend in China, has invited him to be the Best Man at his wedding on Sunday in Beijing.

John needs to buy a train ticket to Beijing for 6pm as well as book a hotel. He heard that he can do it with Alipay, but doesn’t know how.

John gets very helpful tips form the Alipay customer service. He buys his train tickets and books his hotel with a few simple clicks.

2.30 pm: Flat assistant

John gets a reminder on his phone that it’s time to pay for his rent. He pulls out the Alipay app and transfers the money to his landlord. He also uses the app to run such errands as paying for electricity and water with the “Utilities” feature. Best of all, he also uses Koubei to ask for an Ayi to clean his flat!

3 pm: Taxiii

The movie is about to start, John arrives at the Cinema near his flat. He prints his movie ticket in the Taobao Movie ticket machine only by scanning his ticket QR code on Alipay wallet.

After the movie, he calls a cab using “Didi Taxi” on Alipay to catch his 6:30pm train to Beijing.

6 pm: My friends  

While on the train, John contacts Bill in the “Friends” feature on Alipay to tell him that he is coming to Beijing and they discuss about the wedding in the app.

12 am: New city life

Upon arriving in Beijing, John uses Alipay to call a Cab and heads to the hotel.

He checks City Service on APP to view the weather and other tips around the city

7 am: Hong Bao…

A long day is coming…Bill is getting married! Let’s send him a Hong Bao!

7.30 am: Always connected

John needs to top-up his phone so that he could be reached throughout the busy day of wedding. Of course, Alipay wallet can help with that too!

Download the Alipay APP and enjoy the convenience and delight John experiences.

You won’t need to carry your wallet, bank cards and cash every time when you dashout of the door anymore. Only by scanning a QR code in your favorite shops, the bills are paid. Everything can be done from the Alipay APP: ordering food, paying your landlord and utilities bills, recharging your phone, booking a cab, buying movie tickets, booking trips, and even chatting with friends.

Alipay has more than 400 million active users in China, more than 200,000 brick-and-mortar stores and 900,000 taxies accept payment with Alipay. It is the “must-have” APP for daily life use in China.

Let’s have a try, you will be impressed!

For more info about Alipay: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-survive-china-without-hassling-your-chinese-friends-regragui?trk=pulse_spock-articles